Anton Plaza, Culinary Institute of America

Hyde Park, NY
In 2005, The Culinary Institute Of America opened Anton Plaza—with vistas overlooking the majestic Hudson River, at its Hyde Park, NY campus. The plaza was made possible by William and Patricia Anton, leaders in the airport foodservice segment, with a $4.6 million gift, the largest personal gift in the history of CIA. Anton Plaza provides 32,500 square feet of landscaped terrace with breathtaking views of the river, where banquets and other special events can be held in the open air or under a tent. When not used for special events, Anton Plaza and its centerpiece fountain is a gathering area for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Below the terrace, a two-deck underground parking structure adds 145 parking spaces for campus visitors. The plaza and its parking facility subsequently earned recognition in the Education Design Showcase.

“Anton Plaza means a lot to us because we love the school,” said Mr. Anton, chairman of the CIA’s Board of Trustees, and Mrs. Anton, a fellow of the college. “For all intents and purposes this is now the quad. It is a place for students to gather inspiration, socialize, and contemplate their homework as well as for special events and celebrations.”

The Anton Family Foundation is proud that the Anton Plaza has become such an integral part of student life at the CIA and hopes that it continues to be a gathering place for many years to come.