Restoration of Textiles in the Marble House Ballroom

Newport, RI
Marble House was built between 1888 and 1892 for Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt, a summer house, or "cottage", as Newporters called them in remembrance of the modest houses of the early 19th century. The Anton Family Foundation’s grant to the Preservation Society of Newport County funded the restoration of the faded, damaged or lost textiles in the Ballroom of Marble House. 

The Ballroom had become known as the “Gold Room” due to the opulent gilding throughout, but also because the textiles had faded to a golden hue from their original green and gold colors.  Now, after the careful restoration work managed by Paul Miller of the PSNC, the room is once again resplendent in its original color scheme.

The restoration included restoring the original window treatments and upholstery on the Ballroom’s original chairs and benches.  The textiles used in the restoration project were actually rewoven by the original manufacturer in Lyon, France, using the original loom cards that were used to create the fabrics a century ago. 

The Anton Family Foundation grant also provided funding for Plexiglas barriers to protect and preserve the restoration of the textiles from sunlight and debris.